Skipping breakfast due to lack of time!

skipping breakfast due to lack of time

Fast life, sedentary lifestyle, skipping breakfast has almost become a norm for new generation youth.

The meal itself got its name from breaking the night long fast which now has become a prolonged fasting system. So! Now people break their fasts by lunch. Besides this is also said to be most important meal of the day and supposed to be big  too. Like as the saying from west, goes

Eat breakfast like a kinglunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.”

The statement becomes quite inappropriate when it comes to culture of ‘Yoga and Ayurveda’, where we eat sufficient to live not hog for entertainment. (Saying from east)

एक बार खाये योगी दो बार खाये भोगी तीन बार खाये रोगी|

skipping breakfast due to lack of time
This is altogether another very gross subject to talk about.

Right now we will stick to having morning breakfast.

Skipping meals leads to weight gain and water retention, swelling and also obesity in the body. It is an easy recipe of Diabetes and heart related diseases.

It’s funny but true vicious cycle!

The funny it sounds is the bad for us to have this cycle in our life. Let us see for do’s and don’ts of a breakfast :-

Storing of already cut fruits/veggies
  • Preparing food and keeping in refrigerators- Strong NO. Ayurvedic science says that a longer duration stored food turns Tamasic and when consumed adds that tamas to us, means the lethargy which gives us the property of procrastination.

Don’t (Skipping breakfast due to lack of time! )

  • No skipping of it.
  • No packet material or say any item which has longer expiry date, sooner it expires better is the quality and lesser are the preservatives in it.
  • To save time, people also cut and store food, I would strongly disagree with that too. As once we peel off the skin of the fruit/vegetable it starts corroding, the skin has anti-oxidants in it which protects it from the oxygen present in air. Example – you can fly with an apple as an whole from Dubai to Japan, however a cut apple will go bad till you reach the airport.
skipping breakfast due to lack of time

Gratitude of being Indian

Before the Do’s I would like to show my gratitude that, I am born and brought up in country like India, so diverse and has  developed my taste buds for that everything, grown here on its land and which takes care of everything(by this I mean everything)

  • My instant needs (if I want to have something sooner, have options for that), that too fresh.
  • The nature and environment, like we eat what is sowed locally plus served on plates made up of plant leaves.
  • My nutritional need, a perfect combo of protein/carbs/fats/micro-nutrient.

Do’s (Skipping breakfast due to lack of time! )

  • No one (even a nutritionist) can tell the quantity of food to have but ONLY yo! As this is your stomach and only you will tells about the amount of consumption. Like only you would know the amount of work you did, how much prana went mentally and physically to your work, by this I mean, when you are studying you feel hungrier as compared to normal times, coz it’s the prana/calories consumed by your nervous system functionalities. So the food amount would vary from what is prescribed by you dietitian.
  • Plan it, just like any project that you do at work place. Like if want porridge/Dalia then be ready with the cooker or your container for cooking, like starting from the moment you woke up, place the dalia on your stove and start with your routine (brush/freshing up/bath etc) and by the time you are ready , your Dalia is also ready(don’t forget to stir in between). If today supposed to be an Aloo chat day, put the potatoes to boil as soon as you get up, wrap your towel come out from bathroom and peel them off, then dress up and eat them up with some spice added. If it is a chickpea chaat day, soak them before night and again same, boil them(as first thing in morning). Let me share a wonderful stuff for people who are always in hurry , it’s a manual chopper, just peel off an onion, tomato and beans(with in 4-5 moves of it and its done), add them to boiled chickpea and you are ready with superbly healthy food which you also can pack and take to your office.
Full bang ON nutrition !
  1. Pre-Prep is MUST. Like if it is a sprouts day, you need to soak the lentils beforehand(again part of your plan) if it’s a salty Daliya/porridge and might want to add some veggies too, then have them washed next to the stove(night before task).
  2. Make use of the food alternatives that we (Indians) have – puffed rice (may be mixed with chana or sweet amaranth-seed/ramdana) roasted peanuts, roasted Bengal gram, wheat flakes, sattu drink (salty/sweet), gur chikki (perfect combo of jaggery + til/peanut).
Food alternates while travelling
  • Make use of Sunday eve for filling your food store, like what all groceries you would need for the week– what lentils/pulse , rice, peanuts, Bengal grams and which you yourself can roast(trust me it takes nothing), dry fruit, Daliyasemiyan (Indian vermicelli- sweet and salty both can be prepared), semolina (again sweet and salty). So quick and easily made, best of all is Poha, quickest of all. Gram flour is an amazing thing to have for your kitchen for North Indian savory pancakes (cheelas).
  • Buttermilk or Curd is a MUST-know and key to fitness, it has nothing to do with morning ‘lack of time’, coz its takes nothing guys and nothing is best than an home-made curd (rather to buy from market). Recipe is very easy, can youtube it! No doubt it would take 1 week to have a perfection (same time even I took to become perfect) like you might spoil for first three days and bad texture for next two but eventually you will land on a perfect place of it. It is something, worth a try.
  • Khicdi– it is best of all which is why a special mention of that- it is an outstanding combination of all – protein (lentils) , carbs(rice), fats(Ghee) and asafetida for easy/quick digestion. I mean wow, nothing can be better than this, once in your plate have it with that homemade curd (so now you get a fabulous biotic environment for your intestines).

love of life! and things that content you plus help in digestion too
(Constipated Guys! please follow)

skipping breakfast due to lack of time

What to avoid in all scenarios

  • Juice from tetra-packs.
  • Coffee and tea, empty stomach. Tea be it any- black green yellow red white…whatever.
  • Biscuits (any)
  • Carbonated drinks.

Note:- Still there is lot to add in the blog, like video recipe and also the names that i used are purely Indian, but these are such easy tips that any non-Indian would also follow easily.


Skipping breakfast due to lack of time!

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