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Yoga, Meditation, Fitness and Lifestyle coach

This in short, is the journey of an aspiring Healer and Lifestyle coach who has excelled in every field she has entered. She comes from an Engineering background with specialization in Computer Science. Having completed her formal studies, she got a break with IT industry. She worked with the organization for around six years and was happily placed over there with good opportunities coming her way, however her inclination towards wellness and healing prompted her to explore more.

During this journey, she realized that her passion for “Well – Being” was calling upon her. It was a matter of choosing between one’s aspiration and passion.

Besides doing ‘Yoga Therapy’ for her patients she even mastered another alternate therapy – ‘Pranic Healing’ to fasten the healing process. This she learned from Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya Haridwar, India.

She affirms healing happens when body-mind-spirit participate equality and so is the importance of yoga. It connects us to all the planes and hence awaken our higher senses which eventually triggers our better health, personality, thought process and creativity.


We are starting a new batch focusing on weight loss using detoxification yoga activities from 1st Feb, 2022.

Following are the details of the classes:

  • Classes will be held in two batches, 07:00-08:00 AM IST and  08:00- 09:00 AM IST. 
  •  For anyone, who will take three sessions in a week will be charged Rs1700/- month and ones who will take five sessions in a week will be charged 2500/- per month.
  • These yoga sessions will be held from Monday to Friday(Weekdays).
  • Each session will be done in following segments: 
  • * Detox Practice / Shatkarma षटकर्म
    * Sukshma Vyayam सूक्ष्म व्यायाम
    * Sun salutation variations सूर्य नमस्कार प्रकार
    * Asana आसान
    * Breathing practice प्राणायाम
    * Relaxation Techniques विश्राम तकनीक
  • Anyone below 50 years can enroll the sessions.

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What We Do?

We are qualified Yoga therapist.

 Vidhu Chaudhary, DYSc MDNIY, Ministry of AYUSH, MSc (Yoga Therapy), SVYASA University (Under the guidance of Padam Shri HR Nagendra), Pranic Healer, DSVV Haridwar. Sujata, DYSc MSc (Yoga) MDNIY, Ministry of AYUSH (Under the guidance of Dr Ishwar V Basavaraddi, Director Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga) Varsha, DYSc MSc (Yoga) MDNIY, Ministry of AYUSH (Under the guidance of Dr Ishwar V Basavaraddi, Msc (Yoga) Uttarakhand Sanskrit University.

We provide:-

Online General Class

 Online Therapy Class 

Online Clinic Courses on Yoga and Life enhancement (Soft Skill and Web skill) 

Yoga retreats

From Your Imagination To Reality

All the time, our body is floating in this thick cloud of energy(Either) suspended in atmosphere. It is not the physical body that does the movement, it’s the etheric body which gives momentum to it. Or we can say that physical body just shows the manifestation of what is happening in the etheric body. So we cleanse the etheric/pranic body to comfort the physical body. Pranic healing is the ages old therapy of our Rishis which is being revived in modern times by master Choa Kok Sui.

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