Nature Vs Science

nature vs. science

Buck-Up science – Way to go for you!

So, we must first understand that “Science” is evolved and discovered by people like us. PEOPLE, who tend to commit mistakes and then correct them.

These were no gods, discovering the natural laws via science. No gods, just people like us inventing the “Science”, it’s totally okay to be that way, without any intervention of God/universal-consciousness , there is nothing wrong in that.

It is okay to call earth to be flat surface in first attempt and then discover it to be round.

Before starting I must say science is running behind.

Behind in what?

  • Discovering the natural laws
  • Stamping the the found ones(natural laws) to be correct
  • Manufacturing tools, that can measure the natural laws
  • And evaluating Nature by such man-made tools

Even if running behind, what’s the issue with that, it is totally okay.

If everything is okay then what’s the point in writing the blog. So let us list down the wrongs:-

  • Wrong is underestimating the power of Nature.
  • Wrong is overestimating the power of science.
  • Wrong is presenting partial- knowledge as to be a complete truth
  • Wrong is, science shouting “I am right” and “you are wrong”

Story Time

nature vs. science

Pic courtesy: Karthikeya Prakash

This reminds me of a beautiful story – ” Elephant of Blind”
Once six blind men go to the jungle, and there they find an elephant. So they gather around it to touch and feel and hence imagine how the huge creature would look like. And moment later they start discussing that what they felt.


Philosophy Time

This is the philosophy of Anekantwada, means ‘n’ number of ways of saying one truth. None is wrong, just partial truth. It’s just their share of reality.

  • Earth is round since ages.
  • Since ages the apple was falling down on Earth.
  • All kinds of energies( Kinetic/ mechanical/ potential/ Pranic) were there when even the human race hadn’t started.
  • Since the time the solar system came into being, Earth is taking its rounds – that wasn’t decided by the Science.

It’s just that now humans have put the stamp – ” okay, we discovered IT” . Which is not Okay.

Even poor Enstein died exploring energy and to know what is it exactly. Now every Tom, dick, Harry knows 😜

Energy = mc^2

Science of “Living”

Since always, Science has been shouting at its notch – if there is no breathe or no heartbeat, the person is considered to be dead. But the science has failed over our great Yogis and sages, who can withhold their all  physical essential movements via Kumbhaka and meditation. They go to deep Samadhi, when the body shows no vital signs of life and come back by their will.

I guess by now you must have understood the paralyzed Man-made science, it has to work much harder to evaluate that every natural law that exists.

There is a long way to go. To discover new tools to measure such dynamics.

There are many things that happen in the world which are unexplainable.

                                                    “Truth is stranger than fiction”

Now let’s talk about

Group Dynamics

What happens, when people with same energy come together.

How does the universal consciousness field changes?

This is the power of Resonance.

nature vs science
Broughton Suspension Bridge

 Mechanical Resonance

Broughton Suspension Bridge was an iron chain suspension bridge built in 1826 to span the River Irwell between Broughton and Pendleton, now in Salford, Greater Manchester, England. One of Europe’s first suspension bridges.

In 1831, the bridge collapsed, reportedly due to mechanical resonance induced by troops marching in step.As a result of the incident, the British Army issued an order that troops should “break step” when crossing a bridge.

nature vs science
nature vs science

22 March 2020 , India
People standing in theri balcony and clapping

Universal consciousness Resonance

Likewise, when there was millennium change (New year 2000) , people all over the world were so happy, filled with ecstasy , there was huge synergy which got some changes in the universal consciousness field.

In India, on 22nd March 2020, at the time of world corona crisis (Covid19) ,our Prime minister Narendra Modi asked the nation to come together @17:00 IST and Clap for doctors ( this was to induce same feeling in each one of us of gratitude and thankfulness). Like said, it happened and the Global conscious project did show some changes in the universal consciousness field.

What if this science of evaluation would not have been there, what if no measurement – in that case had we considered that all to be just a drama.

This is so thought provoking that we have become so much depend on the science and tools, made by man for actual true Natural laws.

Every religion propagates, gratitude-gathering for the very same reason of having same emotion of oneness and enhancing the universal consciousness field.

  • Religion one calls it’s people on Sundays.
  • Religion two calls them on Fridays.
  • Religion three calls them on certain holy occasions.

But when it is just a random practice, we all question about the base. But when we somehow link religion with the act, nobody questions!

Science gives three state of matter – solid, liquid, gas.

Indians gave 5 – earth, water, fire, air and either.
Does that mean even our matter body could take form of Either???


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