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Do you hate yourself? Can Yoga Help!

Do you hate yourself? Can Yoga Help!

Disclaimer(Do you hate yourself? Can Yoga Help!): First of all, I will to speak my mind over the people who have not learned Yoga Or If not just learned, have watched multiple YouTube videos and gave out baseless and hopeless comments over people having serious issue. And I will definitely downvote them every time I […]

Binge is the new cancer!

Binge in the new cancer

What solution Yoga has for this? Congratulations! For you being the early birds to realize binge as a new cancer and came for a solution. Coz one would never land on this article unless, if he/she does not recognize the waste-of-time/being-over-weight/run-out-of-time are outcome of binge. What is Binge ? A period of excessive indulgence in […]

2 Ways to Stay Happy!


While studying “Vedas, Upanishads and Darshana” I fumbled upon one of the best articles of my life, which really made me analyze my situation differently and helped me to calm down. And I really want to share it over here with my audience. Credit goes to S-VYASA, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. (2 Ways to Stay Happy!) Please Enjoy! […]

Skipping breakfast due to lack of time!

skipping breakfast due to lack of time

Fast life, sedentary lifestyle, skipping breakfast has almost become a norm for new generation youth. The meal itself got its name from breaking the night long fast which now has become a prolonged fasting system. So! Now people break their fasts by lunch. Besides this is also said to be most important meal of the day and supposed to be big  too. […]

Welcome to Charvaka’s world

welcome to charvaka's world

Meaning of the Mantra As long as you are alive, live happily, Borrow money and drink Ghee (Good). From where does the question of afterlife (rebirth) comes, when the body is dead and burnt/buried on the ground. Writers of the three Vedas (Atharvaveda was clubbed into the group much later) are buffoons, Knaves, Demons. Fact of the Philosophy […]

Nature Vs Science

nature vs. science

Buck-Up science – Way to go for you! So, we must first understand that “Science” is evolved and discovered by people like us. PEOPLE, who tend to commit mistakes and then correct them. These were no gods, discovering the natural laws via science. No gods, just people like us inventing the “Science”, it’s totally okay to be […]

Way to Dhyana/Meditation


JYOTI (Light) TRĀTAK (Way to Dhyāna/ Meditation) Benefits Physical– It keeps away the eyestrain by improving the stamina of eye muscles and by giving deep relaxation to them. It makes the eyes clear, bright and radiant. It cleanses the tear glands and purifies the optical system. {Way to Dhyāna/ Meditation} Therapeutic– Errors of refraction get […]