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If father of yoga, Maharishi Patanjali ji, would have been alive! He surely would have been crying seeing the status of Yoga. What he had accumulated and was so divine and spiritual is now being used for “Weight-loss” ! This post might hurt the feelings of below:- Who did random 10-15 day course on Yoga. People […]

Welcome to Charvaka’s world

welcome to charvaka's world

Meaning of the Mantra As long as you are alive, live happily, Borrow money and drink Ghee (Good). From where does the question of afterlife (rebirth) comes, when the body is dead and burnt/buried on the ground. Writers of the three Vedas (Atharvaveda was clubbed into the group much later) are buffoons, Knaves, Demons. Fact of the Philosophy […]

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My(Vidhu Chaudhary) story for my audience. ENJOY #IamProud With Ishwar Baswareddi, Director Morarji Desai national institute of yoga, Ministry of AYUSH, New Delhi It all started in November 2015, when I had a severe backache, people having back aches would know the level and severity category. So, for people who are not aware , it […]

Career and Credibility in Yoga


Where should we do 300 hour teacher training? What is QCI in YOGA? How can we build Career in Yoga? Difference between teacher training in India and USA? So today’s burning hot topic is “Career in Yoga” and “Various Teacher training courses”. Let us start with having a career in Yoga and then followed by […]