Career and Credibility in Yoga


So today’s burning hot topic is “Career in Yoga” and “Various Teacher training courses”. Let us start with having a career in Yoga and then followed by what is QCI and other teacher training courses.

Career and Credibility in Yoga

Having career in any field needs!

  • You to have a good credible authentic knowledge about the subject via either a Guru/Teacher, institute (example MDNIY) or Swadhyay (self-study).
  • Also, if possible have a stamp on your knowledge from a credible source. Like now days we have two big institutions to provide the certification in Yoga:
  • Yoga Certification Board, YCB, set up by Government of India for certification and accreditation. It is a robust system of evaluation of yoga professional, accreditation of Yoga institutes. YCB was set up by the Ministry of AYUSH , Govt. of India ,on March 2018, under the aegis of Morarji Deasai National Institute of Yoga with complete functional autonomy. It has a committee of experts from different Ministries and institutes for smooth functioning.
  • Yoga Alliance, YA, it is world’s largest association in Yoga community, it is a non profit Association (Not backup-ed by any government). It was established in  May,1997. Even YA provides certifications to Yoga Teachers and accreditation to Yoga Schools. This is very expensive, like it talks only in Dollar (Not INR).
  • Just good knowledge, determined practice and zeal also help, however that takes time to reach the top.
Career and Credibility in Yoga

Credible Institutes to reach out for Yoga!

  1. Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga, Autonomus Body under Ministry of AYUSH, Govt Of India, they have various courses to offer for a commoner, however to take Yoga as Career you need to take either their 6 month course or upper ones (Diploma/Graduation/Post-Graduation). These is very reasonable on your budget. Like for their one month (Yoga for self), it is around Rs 2500/- for Diploma in Yoga Science it was around Rs 24000/- (in 2017-18). This will not get you any Certification, however will get you Degree or acknowledgment, that you did some course from here. One Month Program of MDNIY
  2. International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta center, Uttarkashi. This is the most expensive course of all That I am sharing with you (50k/person). For schedule go to below link, look for Uttarkashi locations.
  3. Swami Vivekananda Yoga anusandhan samsthan SVYASA, Bangaluru . It’s a 30k/person (approx) . besides teacher training they even have other educational courses.
  4. The Yoga Institute, Mumbai . 25k/person (approx), without residence. And it accredates you to QCI level-1 (YCB) and RYT-200 (Yoga Alliance).
  5. Parmartha Niketan,Rishikesh .Again a expensive affair and accredited to RYT-200
  6. Dev Sanskriti university, Haridwar . They are launching their one month program very soon, it would be of low cost. No certification from YCB or Yoga alliance is granted. no tie-ups with YCB or YA.
  7. Bihar School of Yoga, Munger. If truly interested in Yoga experience and not certification . again no tie-up with YCB or YA.
  8. Patanjali University, Haridwar : they have their six month duration course, however no YCB or YA certificate.
Parmarth Niketan
Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga

Patanjali University —–Sivanada Yoga Vedanta Centres
Bihar School of Yoga —— Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya

The Yoga Institute ——- SVYASA

So uptill now we saw, there are two bodies in complete word that provides certification- YCB and YA.

  1. For YCB, you can just learn Yoga and apply for the exams (which are very frequent).
  2. For YA, you need to take the education in their accredited schools only which will eventually end up in their certification.

And then we discussed various institutes for Yoga education (some are also accredited to YA).

Now the levels in both these bodies:-

YCB (QCI= Quality Council of India)

Note: Every level has two stages, first for theory and second of Practical.



  • RYT-200: Registered Yoga Teacher, 200 hours
  • RYT-500: Registered Yoga Teacher, 500 hours
  • E-RYT-200: Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher
  • E-RYT-500: Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher
  • RCYT: Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher  
  • RPYT: Registered Pre-natal Yoga Teacher

Note: I do not see any point in doing RCYT and RPYT, once you learn Yoga science, you easily get to know what yoga is required to be done for such categories.

Once you have certificate in hand from either of YCB or YA, you can start career

  • Class at your home/terse
  • Class at any near Fitness studio
  • Start classes in Open park


  • Class at nearby Gyms
  • Personal classes, for needy people who can not travel (can charge accordingly)
  • Update profile at job portals, as not Yoga is very much in demand every where, thanks to the sedentary lifestyle people following. So you might get call from Corporate sectors (to their office, thy pay good).
  • Update you profile on apps like urbanClap (example that we have in India).
  • As Yoga Teachers in government institutions. Like in India, Govt is about to announce job vacancies in Kendra Vidyalayas and other government schools (at very good pay scale).

And online too:-

Once people recognize your knowledge (see! Yoga has taken a boom since the announcement of International Day of Yoga, 2014, there is a silver lining between an authentic educator and a fake one, whose learning source is YOUTUBE, so good credible knowledge is in demand).

Have your knowledge circulated online via websites like , own a youtube channel. Be alert for the fakeness in the market as once you become an educator you have a responsibility of educating others for the right knowledge. (Like , people ask me why I do not give Power Yoga sessions :D, you will understand this once you will learn this ancient science).

Difference between Teacher Training in India and USA:

US still do not have any PrCBs, Personnel Certification Bodies there, they only have option of doing it via YA. Whereas here in India, we have both YCB and YA.

Top Notch Suggestion:

Now whichever option you choose do not forget to at least once go through:-

  1. Patanjali Sutra
  2. Hatha Pradipika
  3. Ghrenda Samhita
Happy Yoga to you all !

Samatvam yoga ucyate !

Evenness of mind is called Yoga !

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