ABout Vidhu Chaudhary

This in short, is the journey of an aspiring Healer and Lifestyle coach who has excelled in every field she has entered. She comes from an Engineering background with specialization in Computer Science. Having completed her formal studies, she got a break with NIIT Technologies. She worked with the organization for around six years and was happily placed over there with good opportunities coming her way, however her inclination towards wellness and healing prompted her to explore more.

During this journey, she realized that her passion for “Well – Being” was calling upon her. It was a matter of choosing between one’s aspiration and passion.

Since childhood she had an ardent inclination towards dance, which made her take ‘Kathak’ for six good years followed by taking an International licence in Dance fitness and become a part of Health community.

Also, she was herself a diehard Yoga practitioner; she chose to consolidate in this area too. She enrolled in Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga (MDNIY) and passed out with scholarship.  She has always believed in authenticity of knowledge; for which she cleared ‘QCI Level-2 Exam’ by Ministry of AYUSH as Yoga Teacher.

She and her team has been very keen on motivating people by various channels of taking up seminars/workshops/Guest Speaker and blogging as in Q&A format over the subjects like ‘Lifestyle disorders’ , ‘Yoga for Women’, ‘Yoga as Lifestyle’, ‘Dance Fitness’, ‘Follow Your Passion’, ‘Women Backbone of Society’ and many more Health/Dance/Motivational related subjects.

Besides doing ‘Yoga Therapy’ for her patients she even mastered another alternate therapy – ‘Pranic Healing’ to fasten the healing process. This she learned from Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya, Haridwar, India.

Beneficiaries & Groups

Over the last couple of years, she has conducted several workshops majorly in India and Overseas, for youths, professionals, housewives and retired personnel. She is actively enjoying the role of a life coach by conducting sessions for individuals and batches.

Downloading Her Belief

She is shaping life people for a better version of them. By giving it back to the society from her expertise. She has impacted the lives of many by suggesting them to:

  • Incorporate Yoga as a habit and make it a part of lifestyle
  • Follow your Passion.
  • Relax yourself with meditation techniques
  • Following dietary rules and striving on balanced diet
  • Find out your Strengths.

Meet our team

Vidhu Chaudhary
Chief & Founder

Atul Kumar
Project Manager

Aanchal Bari
Creative Head

Preeti Bhatia
Technical Head

Rajat Malhotra
Chief Visionary

Sumeet Chauhan
Head Planner