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My(Vidhu Chaudhary) story for my audience. ENJOY


with Ishwar Baswareddi, Director Morarji Desai national institute of yoga, Ministry of AYUSH, New Delhi

It all started in November 2015, when I had a severe backache, people having back aches would know the level and severity category. So, for people who are not aware , it was – I wasn’t able to sit or stand, only comfortable posture was when I was over bed in straight line. However this doesn’t mean I was bed ridden, I was bearing the pain all the time, every moment I could feel the pinch, Oh, I do not want to get near to its thought again.

I am a B. Tech graduate from computer science major and by this time had 5 years of experience with a designation of a Lead Technical Analyst. All jobs gives you a boss (except FREELANCE, where you are your own boss) until unless you are the owner, so had I.

Of course! my productivity was decreasing day by day with the increment in pain which was raising questions over my productivity, which were surely not considering my physical condition ( this is the time when IT bosses become insensitive to their subordinate health issue and take them as just mere excuses).

At times I wonder, was it my destiny or was it just coincidence or I was unknowingly attracting/calling all of them together.

  • Severe Backpain
  • Changing Attitude of the boss
  • Meeting a friend (Niyati Sharma)
  • Reading books like Power of Sub-conscious mind|The Secret

Coz that was the time, November end, I met Niyati Sharma ( My HR couple of years ago and full-time ZIN | Z Tailor | owner of a gym by brand GYM99 too).

So all the things seemed to happen on time. Boss being insensitive, meeting Niyati again , last but not the least Me taking interest in getting to know what Zumba is!!!

It was December end now when my boss means my manager took a one-o-one with me, criticizing giving ruthless comments and giving a display of inhuman behavior. So that was a BANG ON, I decided to quit. 4th January was the day I had filled my e-exit form, which gave the 4th of March to be my last day of association with IT industry. I registered for 16-17 January ‘Zumba B1 Training’.

Meanwhile, I had started with Yoga and acupressure coz had to be in that situation to undertake that training. By the time Training happened, I was way better, I successfully completed my ‘Zumba B1 Training’.

Then came the period of struggle. When, early morning I used to get up for office , post spending 2.5 hr in traveling (Dwarka- Greater Noida, Delhi NCR,India), completing my 9 working hour, joining Niyati at her studio in Noida, practicing under her guidance and again traveling back via same metro to home and then start with same schedule next day. But this hard work really paid me very well. Like the day I left IT, I got my first Zumba class (again thanks to Niyati).

Now, doing Zumba,watching happy faces,people dancing around, giving you so much of respect and cherry on top- paying you for that. OMG this was like a dream, can any job be so loving so fun, that you don’t feel like taking offs from your class. I had never experienced such love this in my IT career.

Zumba has altogether changed my life by 360 degree. How

  • Backache- bye bye
  • Another health issue that I had, acidity and gastric problem because of the long sitting-bye bye
  • Weight gain- bye bye
  • For IT guys, fun is the weekend at restrobars/pubs, so had I, but my reason was dance, now I can do that every day, which means every day is a weekend for me now.
  • I and my husband both were in IT, were not able to manage our son with us, so I had to leave him with grandma grandpa at Rohtak, the first thing I did after quitting IT was to get our son back with us. Thank you, Zumba. Now he accompanies me to my class and even joins me in, a couple of times.

Very soon I realized that IT had actually built up a great potential within me. For which an hour of Zumba every day was less then I explored more and took up as Corporate Trainer as a freelance.

At times I really thank god for that back pain, induction of frustration and introduction of Zumba to my life. Thanks Zumba, thanks Sucheta for all efforts she is putting into it. You are actually changing life of people, professionally and mine was emotionally too.

The story do not ends here

Zumba gave me time to think of my future prospects. My husband suggested me to learn Yoga. When I started to look for some course and authentic learning. On my Facebook I found a friend from Zumba training, Swati, posting her Yoga poses, every day.

When inquired for the same, She was doing one-month YIC (Yoga Instructor course) from SVYASA University, Bangaluru. Since she was already in this field, she was having knowledge about good Yoga institutions as well. She suggested Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga, New Delhi.

When I went there, I found their Diploma, a one-year program that best suited me. Nothing then, I just joined, my Mother-in-law my all-time support, she came to stay with us as the family needed someone who could take care.

Because of her, I completed my On-year-Diploma in Yoga Science program with SCHOLARSHIP.

And now I am also teaching Yoga Philosophy to College students and also in corporate sector, I take classes occasionally. Also to enhance my learning I am doing Maters in Yoga Science from SVYASA university.

This not the end……. To be continued………

Hope you enjoyed.

Everything happens for a reason and holds the best for you. this is what life has made me learn. so keep on fumbling-learning-Fall-GetUp-Shrug-MoveOn and most important share it with others to learn.

Vidhu Chaudhary

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  1. Atul says:

    Very true. I have seen an immense change in your personality after all this. Always remember you are like bird, only sky is the limit. Beta of luck dear

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