Water has Memory !

I am so thrilled to write about the subject, people* might think how crazy is that thought! Of not just thinking but writing about it with having attached the faith-value.

*These would be the people who are very high in their IQ and always think via their logic’s and cognitive minds.

Frozen 2

Start with CONFUSION!

So here I start with it, we all are ONE and YES we are. Once I heard Jaggi Vasudev telling Karan Johar in an interview, about what competition means to him, in just one word, He called it to be “STUPID”! (that was so true about it)

Jaggi Vasudev with Karan Johar

Just imagine your right hand competes with the left one. It is not, absurd. Similarly when we all are same then what is the competition about?

*IQ people do come up with arguments, supporting competition, like:-

There needs to be one?

Otherwise, how would one grow?

Or others will over-shadow you if we do not compete?

And if we do not cut them, they would, coz by the end, it is just one winner?

Reminder: the universe is MYSTIC and beyond above logical questions.

Mystic as in..

People are dying and on death bed, they come back to life (Dying to be me- Anita Moorjani). What logics do we have here, similarly with this abundant universe, infinite universe – LOGICS DO NOT WORK.

Coz this cosmos and abundance is not governed by our arguments or LOGICAL thinking’s. It is Mystic and way beyond it.

What does our Upnishad say:-

From Upnishads
  • Prajnanam Brahma (प्रज्ञानम् ब्रह्म)-“Intellect is Cosmos”- Aitreya Upnishad
  • Ayam Atma Brahma (अयम् आत्मा ब्रह्म)- “My soul is cosmos” – Mandukya Upnishad
  • Tat Tvam Asi (तत् त्वम् असि) –“Thou are that” – chhandodya Upnishad
  • Aham Brahma Asmi (अहम् ब्रह्म अस्मि) – “I am that cosmos” – Brihadaranyka Upnishad
  • So ‘ham (सोहम) – “I am that”- Isha Upnishad

Deepak Chopra gives his meditation guidelines along with THESE mantra chanting’s- WHY? Because almost all thinkers think the same, in fact Religion is closely knit around philosophy and talks the same:-

Religion Vs Follower

We have ONE water, ONE air…

According to Yoga/Ayurveda/Upnishads, our physical body is made up of five basic elements (Panchamahabhuttas) – Earth, water, fire, air, space. It is made out of them and goes back into them.

Panchamahabhutta – Five Elements

If we do not understand the Religion (that calls us ONE), at least we understand these elements. In Indian philosophy (Darshans), while forming hypothesis, we do not start from a false statement and go towards the truth; we start from grosser truth and then walk towards the subtle truthiness. So, this is how our ancient seers found this truth of ONEness.

India : Religion and Philosophy are linked

Off the track:

Has anything like this happened with you, like you are in a room with someone, really upset with him but still tries to be civilized and be in limits of civilizations, but still you ended up with a fight or heated argument? And you blame him, as he started with it coz you were busy maintaining civility.

Fighting Vibes

Here is a twist; you are equally responsible, why? Coz even you had such vibes in you, each volume of air that you took and exhaled, that very same air took your vibrations to him, how? Being in same room, won’t he breathe the same air! Those negative vibes traveled with air to him and provoked him. And as matter of basic nature difference, one starts with the heat (and you blamed him! STRANGE).

What do you understand now?

We all breathe the same air, the air does not have boundaries, and it crosses the nations. What I breathe here in India, is also breathed by someone in America or Europe or Africa. If it’s a Kalyug, then it is for all and everyone has almost the same thinking process (with some exceptions), which is why we want more and more people to go positive and meditate so that even the rest could benefit from it. Did you get my point? (his/her positive vibes will go around to make other positive, similar to what negative vibes of yours did to that roommate).

Another example to share, in Maharishi Raman’s Ashram, every animal lived with harmony, the tigers (going against their natural instinct of being brutal), the lions, the dears lived together.

Even animal can go against their natural instincts by vibes influence

Once a great spiritual thinker was question, why are you so selfish to meditate alone and not teach or serve the society about it? He replied this meditation and self-purification is best way of service to my people. If I’ll be good, I will send same across nations to all my brothers-sisters of the world.

Next is water “Water has memory”

Nikhil Mace Photography

We do an intake of it, then excrete it or sweat it. By sweat it goes back in the air or cloth, the cloth get washed and goes back to the place, where we even excreted. So now where the excreted water goes? the drainage then to big drains. And from there it goes to the rivers and hence to the sea. Evaporation from the seas/oceans and back as rain or snow!

And we all using the same water, we all are made up of the same water (this we all know that our body is 70% water).

Same goes for heat/fire- The Sun you see! We all are sharing same sun.

We share the SUN

The space we live in- Of course YES! We share even that.

The Earth- Yes! We have the same soil…degenerates, upgrades,settles-unsettles – mountains, travels with water and air.

So these all element carry data with them, the vibrations with them, and the memory with them.

Which makes us all ONE, Please also read Buddha’s theory- Pratītyasamutpāda (Dependent Arising).

We all are ONE!

It’s all dependent arising or dependent origination. None is separate, we all are one entity and have same data.

Hence, the water has memory!

hence Olaf was recreated !

Our separation of each other is an optical illusion of consciousness.

Albert Einstein 

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12 thoughts on “Water has Memory !

  1. Saroj Meena says:

    Seriously vidhu you are right that We all are one… वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम् means the world is one family… Beautiful explanation…

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