Do you hate yourself? Can Yoga Help!


First of all, I will to speak my mind over the people who have not learned Yoga


If not just learned, have watched multiple Youtube videos and gave out baseless and hopeless comments over people having serious issue. And I will definitely downvote them everytime I will see their comments (with NO apologies).

Happy Inside; Happy Outside

Why do we hate ourselves? Why do emotion swings?

Prospective One– let us talk anatomically, our emotions are driven by :-

  1. Our body cells, secreting Hormones(and neurotransmitter via Central Nervous system) and
  2. External Environment

The moment any hormone go up and down or something happens in our external environment, our mood swings. You could relate it to the onset of a female menstrual cycle (even the monthly cycle and the offset of it) or the external factor like when people lie to you.

FACT: Generally speaking, you would find a better emotional stability in males, throughout their age.

More on Hormones….

We have two category of hormone releasing glands. Thy are located at various location in our body. Which are namely – Exocrine (glands having a passage or duct via which they release hormones) and Endocrine Glands(ductless, they do not have duct and they just release them in the blood directly). For their healthy functioning we need :-

  1. Proper functioning of their cells ( hormones and neurotransmitter’s proper secretion)
  2. Proper Sleep
  3. Food that we eat

CELL FUNCTION: Due to sedentary life style or inactivity, of the cells (also a CONSTANT external factor), the cells is not secreting adequate hormones leading to the negative hormone cycle.

SLEEP: During our sleep our hormones are released, hence the cells need a resting body to work properly. And not to forget a proper sleep which is 10:00-06:00 (IST) which means eight hours , which also means early to bed and early to rise (for proper secretion of hormone) .

FOOD: How even food help in balancing hormone; Some of our hormones are fat soluble (lipid soluble) example- Thyroid, ovaries, testes. This is one example, out of various, which means a proper wholesome food needs to be there in your diet.

Hormone Continues

HATE – is a negative and sad hormone to combat it, we need to have a check for Happy-Hormone level in blood stream, if that is below the specific ideal range , that leads to the negative hormone in a body, like self-hate; anger; annoyance; Guilt; Fear; Anxiety; Discouragement; Disappointment; Frustration; Boredom; Panic; Grief; Arrogance; Greed; Cruelty; Doubt; Envy; Embarrassment; Hopelessness.

So now to eradicate these negative emotions we need to enhance or say balance such secretions in body, which further means to activate the dull cells and Fortunately in Yoga

Astanga Yoga-Yama, Niyam,  Asana, Pranayam, Pratyahar, Dharna, Dhyaan, Samaadhi

Saptanga Yoga– Shatkarma, Asana, Pranayama, Mudra& Bandh, Pratyahara, Dhyaan, Samaadhi  

We have practices for everything related to Human Kind (be that be of you Self-hatefulness)

Which is your HAPPY Hormone?

Hormone and neurotransmitter is a well woven network, one leading its effect on the other. So just do not do by the mentioned one. Happy Hormones are:-

  1. Endorphins– are the neuropeptides and hormones released by Central Nervous System and Pituitary gland. It inhibits pain and responsible for pleasurable emotions.
  2. Dopamine– is also, both a neurotransmitter and a hormone; responsible for Motivation in self; arousal; reward; its primary location is Brain.
  3. Serotonin– It primarily triggers the feeling of well-being and happiness.

Prospective two- Psychologically– Human psyche has three segments namely :-

Given By Sigmund Freud
  1. Id(instant need example hunger and the want gratifications there and then)
  2. Super Ego (example will say, no you cannot eat , as a class is going on and this is something against the class rules) and
  3. Ego (will keep balance between the two, will say, YES! You can eat but after the class gets over)

And for the first two (ID and Ego) we have topographic scheme namely, Conscious , Pre-conscious, Sub- Conscious. So now it is Id, which has childlike demands which if not fulfilled or were suppressed goes to your sub-conscious. And then later they become part of you phobias or fears.


  • Shatkarma: Vaman Dhauti; Kapalbhati
  • Asana: Suryanamskar : if you do not have any other physical issue Shashakasan Shirshasana Halasana Sarvanagasna.
  • Pranayaam: Nadi-shodhanam (Anulom-Vilom);Bhramari;Ujjyayi.
  • Mudra: Yogamudra
  • Bandha: Mahabandha (Jalandhar + Uddiyan + Molbandha)
  • Dhaarna: Sit with closed Eyes and  Khechari Mudra (internally visualizing the eyebrow center)
  • Dhyaan: Yoga Nidra; Kayotsarga ; Vipasana (Strong suggested)
  • Om Chanting
  • External remedies– Which really help you to have a boost is talking to people you love/like or the one who are positive (or a Guru), doing the things you love (be it to be a job or your time-pass passion), expose your emotions (to your diary) by writing about them. Listening to Good music (that also trigger the hormone, however not the DJ kind, soft soothing music or instrumentals).

A Regular yoga practitioner experience the feeling of happiness, contentment and a peaceful state of mind all the time and therefore, stress is never felt. Yoga also helps in maintaining homeostasis. Therefore one can also control psychosomatic disorders (Hypertention, acidity, insomnia, diabetes, asthma). However a suitable change in lifestyle and diet is also essential for such result The influence of yogic practices on Endocrine glands is more evident in females than males. It is observed by some women that the menstrual cycle may be accelerated or delayed when they start yogic practices particularly- Uddiyan Bandh, Kapalbhati, Nauli, Dhanurasana, Halasana, Yogamudra, etc.

Yoga Ratan Dr. Makrand Madhukar Gore

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23 thoughts on “Do you hate yourself? Can Yoga Help!

  1. Atul says:

    very Informative Article. I will also suggest these Yoga Practices to my friends too(who need it). I would say this is epitome of obtain happiness in your life. Karo yog raho nirog is the mantra.

  2. EmaratForex says:

    As you can see from the explanation above, the majority of people in the modern times will gain excess weight because they are eating foods that are too calorically dense. However, our bodies also rely on nutrient receptors to calculate a caloric value of a meal. Unfortunately, the digestive system of the majority of people doesn’t have enough of these nutrient receptors and relies mostly on the stomach stretch receptors while about 30% of the population (genetic freaks) can get away with eating such calorically dense food because they have more of the nutrient receptors compared to an average person. So while an average person will overeat after eating a calorically dense meal, a “genetic freak” will not because their hunger can be squelched with less food.

    • Vidhu Chaudhary says:

      Very well said. Every science has it’s own terminologies , similar to nutrient receptors you talked about, we have a term Pranic values.

      Vidhu Chaudhary & Team

  3. Shelli Petrucci says:

    You really make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this matter to be really something which I think I would never understand. It seems too complex and extremely broad for me. I am looking forward for your next post, I will try to get the hang of it!

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